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Report - Fat of The Land, Bradford 2011-2014.


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Didn't expect to end up reading several years worth of research and exploration, but i couldn't stop reading until the end, worth a bit of my evening for all the hard work you lads put into this, awesome report.

Edit: Also ended up getting logged out lol


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It's worth reading through it all for these little gems. :)

OJAY said:
"Wedged between the railings and some high powered sewage, I was now being showered by Bradford's finest chocolate fountain"
Quality work guys, I admire your determination! That's some epic :turd :turd :turd

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Must have a stroll down these lovely looking passages, how hard can it be :D


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Just stumbled across this site and this what a first read that was! As an unlucky Bradfordian myself i thought it was a fascinating read. Great drills!
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I’m so glad this has been bumped. Reading that from top to bottom I had some laughs. Loved the Esholt section and arches; just beautiful! Lovely job @Ojay! I’m in awe at your determination but as you said, that is urbex! That report just leaves me wanting to jump underground again! ✌


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A sewage system? that takes some real dedication to the hobby!
I Haven't read the entire report yet but it's something i'm looking forward to reading when I have the time.