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Video Report - Felkirk Middle School, Barnsely


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Was a weird explore this one, the building itself is almost full intact with little to no signs of damage or vandalism, it felt as if the school was still up and running, or at least only just vacated. There's some cool stuff in the gym and a pool table to pass the time. The building is under some sort of scheme where by people can rent areas of it, so some rooms are locked up.

Little bit of history from another report

The school opened in 1938.
In 1986 at Felkirk Middle School there were about 340 children who range from 9 to 13 years.
There were 18 staff including the headteacher and 14 rooms.
The heads name in 1986 was Mr Lindley and he had worked at the school for 18 years.
All the children come from Ryhill, Sth.Hiendley and Havercroft,which are all about 1 mile away from the school.
The school has got a playground and a massive field which has rabbits in.In the middle of the school there is a bird garden.

Felkirk Middle School Closed Sept. 1, 1996 - result of amalgamation.

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