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Report - Ferdowse Clinic - Lincs - May 2013


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Ferdowse Clinic aka Heckington Manor

Bit of a vague history

Heckington Manor was built in the 18th century on a 2 and a bit acre site including outbuildings some of which appear to be stables.

In the 1980's the Manor was refurbished into a private practice for alcoholism treatment, during the time the clinic was open they treated up to 2,00 people.

The clinic was good for the local economy, employing 30 local people and bringing patients and visitors to the area. “Some patients even moved to the area to be near the place”

The focus for funding residential care nationally has shifted to illegal drugs and the Ferdowse is no longer regarded as a priority. The clinic's medical director warned that alcohol is a bigger problem than headline-catching drugs. "It is dangerous that the government is giving priority to drugs because alcohol is far more dangerous than illegal drugs."

By 2003 the Government had drastically cut funding for alcoholism treatment and the good Dr had no choice but to pull the plug on his pride and joy, the only residential clinic for alcoholics in the Lincolnshire area.








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