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Report - Fibbersley Park Primary School, Willenhall April 2015


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I did a quick search and I could only find one other report from this school which was composed entirely of phone shots taken at night, so it felt only right to add some daylight shots into the mix.

I can find a grand total of sod all in the way of decent history for this school located in one of the boils on the arse of the country, sadly. It closed around 2010 and in 2013 the gymnasium housed in a separate building was destroyed by a fire and subsequently demolished. It's a beautiful building on the outside, the looming clock tower is a feature I have never seen before or since in schools of a similar age and it's initially what made me want to see the place. Sadly, inside was a bit of a let down. Very stripped with little in the way of features or items of a left behind nature in-situ, and a lot of the classroom floors riddled with rot. Still, it made for a fun 45 minutes or so after satisfying my appetite for derelict industry at George Dyke just around the corner.

There was some sketchy as hell access up the clock tower, which I didn't fancy at all.

Thanks for looking :)​

Luke vaughan

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The clock tower has been converted/refurbished and is now part of bd wedges Ltd offices opposite their factory with the big pipe/chimney at the top but all other buildings remain tho

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