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Report - Fibbersley Park Primary School, Willenhall August 2016


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Okay, Yeah.

First bit of exploring I have done for 14 years or so, back then A mobile phone made Phone calls, no camera phones, and having a camera made you odd. so sadly no pictures from those days :(.

Just the old Fibbersley park primary school. closed in 2010 I believe, main gymnasium got an arson attack in 2013 (arseholes) and was subsequently demolished

Went over with a couple folks I knew would enjoy it, nice easy one to begin with for them (and me, ha getting old :) )

Photos of caretakers building, and school.

I hope the pictures aren't absolute overkill, a few are taken via my camera phone (mainly the ones inside and atop the tower, so I apologise for the quality) the rest are with a DigiCam (don't know the credentials off top of head, so may edit in later) and they were not taken by myself bar a couple, so no credit for me here :) .

lots of photographs of very similar things, that peaked our interest while wandering.

Also a couple of images with the usual foreboding of Drug use, so be warned.

hope they worth a look through and of interest as its still a decent little place for a wander, If a little samey, of course being the climber, I thoroughly enjoyed the clock tower, although its full of filthy pigeons and their shit, so I would recommend at least a dust mask


Pigeon Poo interior clockface


Clock Tower


The so called ladder to the clock tower


The ladder to get on TOP of the clock tower


Empty shaft leading upto the Clock tower, more than likely held the system to adjust the time without having to ascend the tower itself.


On top of the clock tower


The old school boiler, better days has she seen


The signs of drug use, note the lovely empty Draino






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