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General - Fife, Scotland...abandoned sites to visit Thursday 13th Feb’ 2020.

Eck and Lisa

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Hi folks,

Just home from our second urban explore so will be doing our next report next few days and managed to get some decent photos.

We planned on a last minute mooch tomorrow more locally around Fife or surrounding areas so we’re wondering if anyone could confirm any of the Mansion/hotel/hospital etc type buildings were still accessible as today’s trip was more of a ruin within landscape so fancied something different tomorrow.

Happy to receive private msg if that is appropriate otherwise links to your reports and photos from your trips around Fife area would be fantastic.

Thoroughly enjoying being here and reading through all your reports. Come Spring onwards we will be travelling a bit further afield so finding the site a real gem.

Peace, Eck and Lisa.

mockney reject

Staff member
Hi guys

prepare to be monstered by others on this post.

28 isn’t really a place to ask for locations, but it is already an online library of stuff to find if you use the search box, top right.

Failing that use google, other search engines are available, and type in things like Fife closed, Fife derelict, Fife abandoned. You never know you might find something no one else has.

good luck with your search

mockney reject

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In fact the search box just threw this up

It’s worth checking and seeing if it’s still there

Calamity Jane

i see beauty in the unloved, places & things
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Hi guys, its good your getting out there. Your 1st report was not too bad, and amended properly, just a shame re entrance. I`m glad your actually reading the forum and using good old leg work to get out. Look forward to your 2nd report.

As for more local areas, try as @mockney reject suggested. Also try local newspapers, planning applications, estate agents do have derelict places on their books too. The search bar, and the forum Derelict places, google things like abandoned, demolitions, Closure all are helpful . Good luck & most of all enjoy and be safe.

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