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Finally decided to join!


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I’ve been visiting the site for a while before actually joining as I kind of wanted to get the basics pinned on how people present themselves here as well as the do’s and don’ts etc. Buzzing to see so many of the reports here are informative & helpful and people’s photography is immense!

Small intro of myself - I’m 23 and live in up the South Wales valleys. I’ve done a touch of urban exploring before now (but getting caught hanging through the window of Talgarth Asylums morgue window by local police wasn’t my finest hour). Due to instances such as that and my job role being a sensitive one, I’ve held back on exploring of late but I’m dying to get out there and see more! So many buildings that I’ve gone to visit have deteriorated, been vandalised or are just on security lockdown - disappointing but to be expected.

I’ve been searching others threads to see if I can find any gems in my local area and further afield and have some ideas of where I may venture to soon.

People’s advice and tips etc will be greatly appreciated! :D


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Welcome to 28.

Plenty in South Wales valleys - Fach, Fawr, Gawr, Cynon, Merthyr or even west ! - to be getting on with to start (and unlesss you are Mark's private secretary down the WAG, your job isn't that sensitive for exploring !)

Get out there, get a couple of reports up and people will be more likely to share information / meet up when they see you are serious about things.

Look forward to seeing what you do and, good luck !


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Thanks for the welcoming replies, guys - muchly appreciated!
I took a gander up around Saint Luke’s church in Abercarn today but found that a house has been built to the side of it now so I’m guessing it’s private property. In these instances - what’s the best thing to do? Is it worthwhile asking the people living on the land if you could have a walk around or is it just a straight-up, stay away from the site?
I’ve added 2 pictures just for the sake of it but, spoiler alert, my photography skills are awful anyway..:oops:


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