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Finding a dead body

Jack Wilkinson1

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You’ve found a dead body???
I’ve seen lots of blood n things like that as have many people I’d imagine. But nothing like a body...


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Yeah his report is in European and International. Having known and loved a couple of people who have taken their own lives, it’s a shitty mess they leave behind for friends and family. I guess you don’t think about these things when you decide your own fate like that.

I can’t imagine what the fuck that was like, nor what it feels like now. Even if you feel ok on the surface, both of you should get some counselling. Traumatic experiences can bury themselves deep within you and not come out for a long time.


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You have urbex in your name a thing u dont do mr urbex is post a video leave an anonymous tip about it and thats it


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Has anyone else found a dead body on an explore? What happened? Do you have a report? And how did you deal with it?
but saying that i have seen your report and think u did the right thing well done but my message is still the same:thumb


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No I certainly haven't found a dead body, I have found several vagrants though which always scare the living death out of me, one looked and smelt dead so I did ring 101 to inform them, they rang me back asking me why I was in the building, thankfully "my dog ran off" is my usual go-to for this and hasn't let me down yet!! The vagrant wasn't dead but was overdosed so he was taken to the hospital and as far as I know recovered. That building was then torn down.

As others have said, finding a body can leave you in a bit of a mess, PTSD being one so I definitely recommend speaking to someone about it, as they say a problem shared is a problem halved. I had nightmares after finding the dead looking vagrant as it scared the total s**t out of me and I was on my own, a hazard of the hobby I guess, I try not to explore alone anymore but sometimes I do, with a lot more caution than before.


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Reminds me of the body found in the paris catacombs (would advise against googling it) freaky stuff but i would get out of there and do an anonymous report, often the first to report a murder body is the first to be blamed, before sufficient evidence otherwise is found


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I saw the picture of the dead body in the catacombs of Odessa online, but any searching of the Paris one just brings back those dead body youtube videos designed to scare kids.
I once discovered a tent in the woods with a pair of legs sticking out of it while i was out exploring with my dog about 25 years ago. My dog was a staffy and very boisterous, desperate to get into the tent (lucky he was on the lead) and the legs didnt flinch even with a mad dog jumping and sniffing all over the place. I got to a decent distance and shouted for ages to see if all was ok, I got no reply so i bolted after getting a bit freaked out and told my parents. To this day i'm glad i didn't look inside, Im not sure what was going on but im convinced the person must have been dead or very close to it. Maybe just drugged up as it was never mentioned again to me by mam or dad.
I'm not jealous of you discovering this guy in the basement, and Id be looking for someone to speak to, dont bottle it up.


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Not found one on an explore but found one whilst I was working on a holiday camp down south. It was on a night shift not an easy thing to go through but there is plenty of help if you should ever need it. But hey the explores must go on I'm sure we will all see something along these lines at some point on our explores.the best way to deal with it is to call the ambulance services and just speek to them and they will sort out the police and corenors out for you i apoligise for any bad spelling half asleep haha. Keep up the exploring good luck guys and girls