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Report - Fine Janes Farm - Southport - Oct 21

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This place has been on my radar for a long time now and I was tasked to get some band photos so I put two and two together and visited this place. I wasn't even sure if it was still here but after a bit of google maps viewing and planning a way in we set off. The main entrance is next to some very much active houses so we didn't want to just walk through. After searching around a bit trying to find a way in, which was unsuccessful, we just walked up to the main entrance to find the gates wide open and a farmer doing some odds and sods there. Explained we wanted to get some photos and he kindly said sound go ahead. Score!

On to the location itself, there's a few reports on here most recent being about a year old I think. Its location is deputed as being either in Halsall or Birkdale so I've just put Southport.

There's a planning application to erect 83 houses on this site so it is of quite a decent size. https://democracy.westlancs.gov.uk/documents/s19665/20190991FUL - Fine Janes Farm.pdf
I don't know an exact date of closure but I think I remember seeing on here it closed in 2007?
It looks like this is the guy who owns the site as its address is liked to his name, still looks to be part of some other companies. https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/officers/xQftlHg7t15qd3z34-gYvJ4LeC8/appointments. Wonder if this was the guy we met.

Anyway, on to the explore was a decent little mooch not much left but can get some decent photos there especially at night. Photos shot on a OnePlus 9 as my main sony was being used for portrait shots, that's why the photos look a little rushed.

Enjoy the photos, Cheers :thumb

View from the main gates