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Report - Finedon, Northamptonshire Mines, Oct17


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Evening all,

It's taken me forever to get round to uploading these pics, (It's also only my second ever post so go easy on me!)

A bit of back story, Whilst on a bike ride last year we passed a quarry in Finedon, so naturally I did some exploring whilst there. I found a very small tunnel, crawling room only, and some very well sealed entrances. So, after doing a bit of research online I found a Youtube video of the Mine itself. After getting some more information 3 of us managed to find it and have a look inside.

At the time of the explore I went in as far as I dared with my limited experience and till the water level reached the top of my wellies! I've been in twice, but went again today and the entrance has been completed filled in.

I believe kids from the local school found it, that and the video on Youtube has led to it's closure. :( Which is a shame as being more prepared I would have loved to have gone deeper and seen what else I could have discovered.

I don't know an awful lot of history about it, but I believe it stretched from Finedon to Irthlingborough and was an Ironstone Mine.

If anyone else has any further info then please feel free to add.
Alternatively, I'm always happy to join up with anyone headed to any other Mines nearby as I have the bug, but still would rather go with someone more experienced to show me the ropes as such.

C&C Welcome

Thanks for reading and onwards with the photos!



The entrance before it got filled in :(



Remains from where the sleepers have rotted away.


Various cave in's.








Hoof Prints


Not sure what that was, a dog maybe?



One of the very few sleepers still remaining.


Local Brewery Bottle (Who have recently moved back to the town)


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Photos don't appear to be showing (for me).

Can you edit the thread ?


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Nice place and some interesting shots you got there.


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Yeah sorry im useless at this sort of stuff!
Photobucket no longer provide the website hosting unless you pay a really high monthly price ,no one is going to pay it so a good 3/4's of the pics vanished over night the admins worked round this and brought everyones reports back to life,im sure they can do it for yours,in future either upload images direct to the webpage or use flickr

Bikin Glynn

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Hi Minty, cant see your pics but am assuming what u have found is one of the Northants ironstone mines!
The one at Finedon has VERY bad air & can be extremely dangerous so be careful! U should really use a gas monitor in there.
There are a few around, & is aprox 17m of tunnels in this area.
I wont give direct location info but if u want to know more give us a message!


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ive tagged one of the admin in the post and reported it to let them know the images are down,was hoping someone may have seen it


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they have rescued the whole forum full of photobucket posts im sure @Ojay and team can sort it out
The only way this can be sorted now is by us unlocking the thread and you adding the images in manually using our own image hosting as photobucket recently closed down our little exploit..

Easy enough and get in touch in the week if you need any help, I’m away from a computer until Tuesday


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My husband and his mate are the ones who originally dug this out in 2012. No one knew it was there for years. They covered it up well with junk from the area. They didn't go far into the mine as the air was very bad. There is more than one entrance but the other entrance is near water and another much further away and buried deep. He'd been down the islip mines and we discovered that finedon, Cranford and Woodford are other mine locations. He believes he's found another one but would take an extraordinary amount of "digging".
I even went to the records office in Northampton and got the layout of this mine. He also took a professor of geology in there. He has multiple photos.


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Finally had chance to re load these pictures up

Nilris, I thought there was another entrance, to the right of this one I think?

I went in as far as the orange 9, but ideally would want to go in with someone more experienced. I know of the other mines, just not how to access them. But am very much hooked so would love to go back down again. It's a shame this has been buried, although I hope one day it'll be uncovered again.

I've heard the other mines nearby have a lot more artifacts in, so if I get the chance I'll definitely be up for looking at them.

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