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Report - Finnieston Crane, Glasgow


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28DL Full Member
I know this has been done before but il still post some stuff anyway :D

A wile ago me and 2 mates climbed up this for a project, Was tricky to get into but eventually got there :p 3 in the morning untill 5:30 :p

"Connected to a spur of the Stobcross Railway, the crane's primary purpose was to lift massive boilers and engines onto new ships; at the time Glasgow was one of the leading shipbuilding cities in the world. With the decline of the shipbuilding industry, the crane survived with a secondary use, loading heavy machinery – mainly Springburn's then renowned locomotives – for export. With the downturn in seafaring trade, use of the crane continued to decline and it fell completely into disuse in the early 1990s."















shot of the group to end :p

front is J, then its me in black, Then on top of the building it is Conor, Who is still joining the site and has photos he could add but i think he is still not able to do that yet =/

hope you enjoyed it =]

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