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Report - Finsbury Tower, Islington - London, June 2020


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Background Information:
Construction on the Finsbury Tower in Islington, London, first began in September 2018 and is set to be completed by August 2021.
Originally, the site was home to an old disused 1960's office block, but with the need for space in London increasing daily, the construction of Finsbury Tower was given the go-ahead, and once completed, It will comprise of over 310,000ft square foot of both residential, office, and retail space.
The current budget of this construction project sits at £130m, and is set to inflate given the newly announced 6 floors that'll be built additionally. The tower currently stands at a height of 125ft and has 29 floors, (I might have to return after it's topped out).

Finsbury Tower External
(Phone Shot)


The Explore:
After hearing about a fair few mates of mine hitting this place, myself and @James Cross thought we'd give it a bash seeing as we were in the area that night.
So, after arriving at the perimeter of the site at 3am, we began to scope it out, and as always, cameras and sensors on the fence were plentiful. But, I suppose given its location, that was to be expected!
Now, having walked the entirety of the site, we managed to find a somewhat sneaky blind spot, and with little else to it, we made the jump, hoping the security office didn't hear anything. However, (anyone who does construction sites regularly will know this feeling) the place was built like a maze, and the straightforward dart across to the staircase didn't exactly pan out as expected. We must've spent a considerable amount of time opening doors, quietly stepping over piles of reinforcement rods and god knows what else before we finally got the right staircase. By which point, the sky was already beginning to lighten up.
Then, after a rather sweaty trudge up the dusty 29 story staircase, we finally came out on top at 4am, which sadly meant we had to kiss goodbye to any hope of some long exposure night shots. We lingered around until sunrise, which was certainly worth doing given how clear the sky became, and after grabbing as many shots as we could, we made a marginally quicker exit before workers began showing up. All in all, a decent little sunrise jaunt.

1. It Begins...


2. View Towards The Square Mile


3. The Barbican Centre


4. Canary Warf In the Distance


5. It Got Lighter


6. View Across To Clerkenwell


7. Black & White Edit


8. Just Before Sunrise


9. 5am Roughly


10. Getting Lighter


11. Time To Go


I know construction sites aren't reported too much on here,
but thought some of the rooftop shots were worth posting...

- Thanks for looking -

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