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Report - Finsbury Underground Reservoir, London - December 2013


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Firstly a big shout to GAJ for putting this on the map

This place has been Known about and Doable for quite some time,but something i had never got round to seeing,so with the end of the year Looming and the itch to get out when UrbanGinger gave me a shout to see if i wanted to get up here i thought it rude not to

There is only so many pics of the place you can get as to be fair its endless arches are all the same,theres some nice Inlet/outlet pipes and bits and bobs down here But ive stuck to a handful of the standard shots,saying that when we stood up the top of the stairs ready to exit i got my big torch out so UG could do an iphone shot and i kinda wish id done that with my dlsr..But hey ho!

Visited with Obscurity and UrbanGinger

Walking down the steps to be greeted by this was quite a sight!




As vast as the place was having that big fooking torch with me paid off!




Thanks for looking..Hardly an epic ground breaking Report ,but the place is epic in it's own right!
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