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Report - Finsbury Underground Reservoir - North London - July 2013


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As soon as I saw GAJ, Ojay and BHG’s reports, I fell in love with this place and sat down to do some serious research.

Big thanks to GAJ for taking me and Soylent Green in and for resisting the temptation to chuck my camera in the water after I kept blinking for every 15 sec exposure shot he took!

After a stop at the local watering hole, we slapped on our wellies and plunged into the beast. The size of it was astounding - in every direction you looked there was a completely unique pattern of brickwork to admire which would go on and on like some piece of surrealist artwork.

We saw a few nice features too: some culverts, stairs, monitoring equipment and the name of the reservoir painted on the wall with the date.

The site was slightly more secured than back in May, GAJ tells me, so I guess the guys at Thames Water have been paying it some visits (and I really don’t blame them!) They reckon the roof is caving in.

Built in the 1860s, this reservoir used to hold 5,000,000 gallons of water for East London Water Works. Most recently, it’s been used as a film location but has otherwise been lying empty.