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Report - Firbeck Hall - 31/03/07


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Firbeck Hall is an amazing old place in large grounds with and lake.
Opened in the early 1800’s, it has been many things over the years including a country club and a Miner’s rehab centre.
Closed since the early 80’s, it is now privately owned and there are plans to turn it into some form of housing.

Myself, Tims and Sixxfingers, reccied this place last week late one evening and managed to get into the rehab area, where the Gym and swimming pool are.
We then decided that a return visit was needed to do the main hall.

Roll on the small hours of Saturday…
We met up with The Riddlers and Sick at the end of the mammoth week of UE at 4.30am on Saturday morning just off the A1.
After a shaky start with the police taking down our number plates in the car park and then following us out, they then sped off and left us to head on down to Firbeck.

After a couple of aborted entries (this place is very well sealed with boarded windows and razor wire on all sides) Tims got in and guided the rest of us to a fairly easy entry point.

We were safe to use torches in the downstairs rooms, but then chilled out for a while until the sun came up enough to navigate the upper floors.
This was mainly because parts of the floors are pretty knackered due to water damage at some point.
Most of the rooms are stripped but some excellent fixtures and fittings remain.

I would just like to take a moment to point out that Ridd’s arse was on top form as usual; just pure evil!

Once done in the main building we headed to the rehab area, which can no longer be accessed internally.
After some more excellent exploring and photos and we called it a day.

We were all going to head around to the front lawn and take some exterior shots when Tims came back around saying that an empty Landy was parked up there.
So we decided to head off, only to run into a bloke with a .22 bullet rifle who was far from pleased that we were there.
We did the best we could to fob him off but he’d seen the board that was propped up in front of the rehab door and we’d put it back, so he knew we’d been in at least some of the building.
After much discussion (some of which a little heated on his behalf) he decided not to “call the bobbies†and let us go with some info on other nearby buildings, nice one.

Saying that; this guy was very serious, he is apparently there everyday and is constantly on the look out for people.
He said that there had been three groups there in a week, because the hall had been on some ghost hunting website (not urbexers).
They are also having trouble with Land Pirates trying to strip the lead off the roof.
We got the feeling that the next people to turn up, might not be as lucky as us.
In conclusion, we all agreed that we would not recommend anyone attempting enter the hall again, without trying to gain permission first.

Anyway here are my pics and I’m the other guys will post up shortly if they haven’t already.


“Caution doors open automatically†- not anymore


The Kitchen ceiling has seen better days


Sounds like a nice place to visit


Punch Bag feeling a little deflated


Group shot (L-R) Tims, Riddlers, Sick and Sixxfingers


Why are these places always full of 100's old pumps?


There is still a debate to exactly what you did on this contraption


Come in number 19, you're time is up!


Killing time waiting for the sun to come up, in the main hall


Across the Courtyard


The pool area could do with a tidy up


Ivy has taken over the swimming pool


Bathroom décor leaves a lot to be desired


Ward lighting from the Miners era.


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I think Madmax has done a super job with the report, and pretty much covered every angle. In its day would have been a magnificent building... and hopefully if planning is passed and it is converted into dwellings, it will one day be brought back to life!

I certainly wouldn't say the chap with the gun was a nutter... just a bloke who is doing a great job for his boss, in looking after the place and saving it from idiots and pikeys. He's clearly well trained, and WILL catch you... so as Madmax says, only go with permission.

Well heres a few of mine:

The Hall from the lake:

Sick in one of the upstairs rooms:

The Kitchens:

Old mixing device:

Lamps from the rooms that where used for the rehabilitation part:

Group Shot on the Main Stairs:

Swimming pool:

Colliery Type Lockers:

Sports Hall:

Old Skool Trainers:

Chair next to climbing wall:

Time for a dip!:

...and No.35 your time is up:D

Plus a bit of history:
The estate here was purchased in the latter half of the 16th Century by William West. It is not known if a previous house existed here but West built himself a new Hall. West was a lawyer, steward to the Earl of Shrewsbury, aprolific writere about the Law and important in the affairs of Rotherham and Sheffield. He died about 1596/8. He was succeeded at Firbeck by his son, William, then his grandson John. John's estate was left to Sir Francis Fane, the son of John's sister Elizabeth.

In 1669 Fane sold the estate to William Woolhouse. He in turn sold it in 1676 to Jonathan Staniforth of Rotherham. The estate then consisted of Firbeck Hall, a dovecote, papermill, watermill, houses and land in Firbeck, Maltby, Blyth, Thwaite, Letwell, Gildingwells, Throapham, Laughton and the Ewes. Worth a few bob then!

On the death of Amelia Staniforth in 1792 the estate passed to a distant relative who sold it to Henry Gally of Langold. Henry Gally added "knight" to his surname. His son also called Henry Gallyknight begun remodelling the house in Elizabethan style and landscaping the gardens about 1820. In the mid 19th Century the Firbeck estate worth £70,000 ws left to the Ecclesiatical Commissioners. It was bought in 1853 by Mrs Miles of Bristol who left it to the Jebb family in 1878. The Jebbs lived there until the beginning of the 20th Century. The estate was put on the market in 1909 but failed to sell. In the First World War was a home for Belgian refugees.

In 1934 the house was converted into a country club, The Firbeck Sports and Country Club, renowned for its luxury. When the Second World War started it was converted to an annexe of the Sheffield Royal Infirmary. In 1945 it was purchased by the Miners' Welfare Commission as a rehabilitation home. It continued to be used for this purpose until it was closed in 1984.

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