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Report - Firbeck Hall - January 2013


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28DL Full Member
After failing hard at our first target (more PIRs than you could shake a stick at, alarms, slippery stonework and a heavily bruised coccyx), me and Jazzywheels hotfooted it across town to Firbeck, to follow up on a lead from Amphetamine Annie.

Brief history:

  • Built in 1594 by William West, author of a legal textbook called "Symbolaeographia."
  • bought by Henry Gally in the late 18th-century. His son, Henry Gally-Knight, in 1820, substantially remodelled and extended Firbeck in the Elizabethan style we see today.
  • badly damaged by fire in 1924
  • sold in 1934 to businessman Cyril Nicholson who invested £80,000 (approx £4m – 2008 values) modernising the house to create a country club that was frequented by the prince of Wales and Amy Johnson
  • the Hall became an annexe to Sheffield Royal Infirmary during the war.
  • purchased by the Miners’ Welfare Commission in 1945 as a Miners’ Rehabilitation Centre, closing in 1991.
  • Jason Cooper of Doncaster purchased Firbeck Hall and its 45 acres (180,000 m2) of grounds on 6 July 2010. Cooper has a history of restoring Country Homes in the Yorkshire area. Good luck to him, he's going to need it (and pots of money!)

What can I say about this place, other than it's totally fucked in many places - the roof has been stripped and the water is now wrecking the floors and ceilings - if you go, watch where you're putting your feet!

(Apologies for the grainy pics, my camera decided today was ISO 1600 day) :banghead



Nice art deco detail from the 1934 modernisation mentioned above


1950's Paperwork from the Miners' Rehab Centre days







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