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Report - Firbeck Hall, Rotherham - July 2016


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After parking the car a nice walk and i was there, was amazed at just how far gone it has become. Had a good look round and spent 3hrs wondering round. There are some parts that are very dodgy in parts, so be careful. Sadly I could not access the gym/pool. Whilst looking at one of the out buildings a bloody big Alsatian started barking for England,luckily he was behind a large gate, at this point i made a hasty retreat and left.

Firbeck Hall was built in 1594 by William West, who made a fortune practising law and serving as an associate to Gilbert Talbot, 7th Earl of Shrewsbury from 1580 to 1594. West was the author of a legal textbook called “Symbolaeographia.”

In 1935, a Sheffield stockbroker, Cyril Nicholson, opened the hall as a country club, investing £80,000 in its renovation. The interior was dramatically modernised and featured a mirror-walled ballroom and an elaborate and versatile state-of-the art lighting system. There was also a heated outdoor swimming pool. Membership fees ranged from three to seven guineas, and the club was patronised by the likes of Amy Johnson and the then Prince of Wales. Such was the reputation of the club, that the BBC transmitted its weekly Saturday show “Late Night Dance Music” with Henry Hall, Carroll Gibbons and Charlie Kunz from Firbeck.

At the outbreak of the Second World War, the hall was used by Sheffield Royal Infirmary and the Royal Air Force, with the adjacent aerodrome becoming RAF Firbeck. After the War, the building was bought by the Miners Welfare Commission for use as a rehabilitation centre for injured miners. This centre closed in 1984, and the building is currently privately owned.

The hall is reputedly haunted by a Green Lady; believed to be the daughter of a former owner who drowned herself in the hall’s lake when her Roundhead lover was killed.

on with the photos

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thanks for looking


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Nice interesting history.... Love the places with ghost stories. You can still see it's beauty, nicely photographed :thumb

Esoteric Eric

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When I first started doing this Firbeck Hall was the first location I was really in awe of as at the time I'd never seen anything on that scale.

It's the only location I've ever revisited to see the inside as the first time I was confronted by the not so friendly groundskeeper and his maniacal mate who wanted to beat me up, slash my car tyres etc.

It seems that they are (thankfully) not around anymore, although the grounds appear to still be maintained.


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Good to see this place again mate, good shots :thumb I tried this spot with Urblex last year and it was sealed :(
Pity about the gym and pool.

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