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Hi There,

I'm local to the hall so just wanted to point out that a new part of the hall seems to have be unearthed in the last few days. At the top of the bridle way if you walk down maybe 30 feet from the road on the right there ia subterranian structure that is pretty unique. Single entry from what I can tell, circular, maybe 15 feet wide. Added some pictures. If someone does go down there a) Your on a public bridle way b) be careful - its a drop if you just fell into it c) do post some pictures so I know what it is!



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Okay I think its actually an Ice House. The cylindrical shape added with how its embedded into the ground make me think it can't be anything else. Theres no signs of lots of coal dust so wow. I've found an ice house in a random spot in Yorkshire.


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Yep definitely an ice house, a common feature of large estates before refrigeration technology became available.

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