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Report - Fire Station - Blackburn, Lancashire - July 2015


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Hithere! This is my first posting on here so any tips and pointers are welcome!

A friend had told me he had been in and seeing as it isn't too far from my house I decided to have a nosy. And seeing as I couldn't find a report I thought I would do one.

Here's some history from Lancs Fire and Rescue about the Blackburn Fire Brigade

Earliest traceable records show a Fire Brigade in Blackburn as long ago as 1794. Fires reported in local papers of 1812 and 1826 stated that the town's provision, which was based in Lord Street, was in a very unfit condition and of little effect. In 1836 it is recorded that the Brigade cost the town of Blackburn £106 1s.7d for it's upkeep. In 1851 Blackburn received its Charter of Incororation and one of the first duties of the Town Council was to improve the facilities for coping with outbreaks of fire and in 1856 they purchased a fire engine at a cost of £150. This horse drawn engine was housed in Engine Street, which is the site of the present Town Hall. By 1856 the Town Council was forced to take action to improve the facilities again and a site in Clayton Street was acquired, and a station built and opened in 1867.

The Station comprised an engine house, 42' high hose tower, store room, engineer's workshop and recreation room. There was also a small smithy, office, Superintendent's house and stabling for the horses. Seventeen cottages adjoined the station for the men, the remainder lived at distances of up to 300 yards from the station. The engine house remained substantially the same until it's closure in 1921.

Later two motorised Fire Engines were purchased and installed in a new Fire Station on Byrom Street which opened on December 8th 1921. This station also included residences for the first and second officers and 33 cottages for the men. The station remained on the site until 2012.

The new Blackburn Community Fire Station was opened on 26th April 2012 by the Fire Minister, Bob Neill MP and the Worshipful the Mayor of Blackburn with Darwen Borough Coucil,Councillor Mrs Karimeh Foster. The new station is situated directly opposite the previous station on Byrom Street and was built as part of a PFI project that also saw new stations built in Burnley, Fleetwood and Chorley

The place wasn't in the best of shape, it's location doesn't help either, there are a bunch of hostels and halfway homes all around the area so it has attracted a lot of squatters and the such like. There are some lovely features to the building like the hole for the fire pole, the Victorian toilets and the tower, which didn't seem too clever as the stairs had some serious rot. Enjoy the photos and let me know how to improve, don't savage me ;)













Thanks for lookin!

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Very cool loving some of that old brickwork. Only thing missing is a ghostbusters sign lol thanks for pics and report.

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