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Question - Firefox - problems with crash

The Franconian

28DL Regular User
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My Firefox crashes nearly daily, especially when scrolling in (google) maps or having a couple of sites open.
What I want to know is,
is this a problem that many users have, a Firefox problem ?
Otherwise it could be cased by my security add-ons, which lower down its power

Oxygen Thief

Staff member
Have you tried backing up your settings, remove all plugins, and reinstalling?

Had a problem with Android, incompatible and insurmountable java error. Chucked the phone in the end.

The Franconian

28DL Regular User
Regular User
I did not try it without plugins and add-ons yet, but I did reinstalling and it also happen with former versions.
It's a bit difficult to try something which not permanently happens.
Activated add-ons are
Better Privacy
Facebook Blocker
Kaspersky Protection
No Script
Reminder Fox
and that unliked anti advert one
I will try it without,
but my interest is if others have the same problem, or is the problem my fault.


rebmeM LD82
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I've been having major problems with Chorme doing the same thing recently, freezes up totally and just refuses to respond. This happens on my work and home PC, it's bizarre.