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Okay, so I had a quick look round, but the search button did not yield anything. :(

I was wondering what do you guys use in terms of first aid kits (if anything). I was thinking of just getting a simple kit that I could use if I gash open a leg or something, it has to be small and light weight so that I can carry it round without it getting in the way. I found quite a few on Amazon that seemed like they may be useful.

Any recommendations? I am about to go out on my first exploration next week and whilst it is nothing big I thought it best to be prepared.

These were some of the ones I was looking at:


The ones aimed at motorists seem to have equipment for things like cuts and crushed wind pipes, which would be more useful I guess. :thumb


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I've done numerous First Aid at work, First Bike on Scene courses etc - so I carry a small but comprehensive kit.

It comprises of:

2 x Pairs Latex gloves
1 x Face-shield (for mouth to mouth)
4 x Alcohol wipes
1 x pair of small scissors
1 x pair tweezers
1 x small bottle of eyewash
Small bandages and safety pins
Plasters of various shapes and sizes
1 x Blister pack of Asprin

All fits into a bag smaller than a bean-tin.


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My first aid kit consists of my leatherman and a roll of insulation tape! :thumb


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Couple of tampons and a roll of gaffer tape is all you need


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1 x Blister pack of Asprin
Blimey, welcome to the 1940's - junk them mate and carry paracetamol.

(half an aspirin is good if you are having a heart attack- but aspirin for pain control is uber old-fasioned, and can increase bleeding if you are injured)

I carry a small - but well stuffed first-aid kit - however I probably should junk it and use the space saved to carry decent food - because the item I seem to use most regularly out of my first-aid kit are the indigestion tablets :p



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Paracetamol has it's problems too - some people (like me) are allergic to it. .
Bet your not really 'allergic' to it, I've worked in Pain Management for the NHS for over 20 years, I get about 4 patients a week that believe they are - I've actually found one that truely was in all that time. :rolleyes:

What some people are allergic to are the buffering agents used in some makes of tablet - after all the tablet is about 1% drug and 99% starch, talk, guar gum, bulking agents etc.

Often just changing the make of tablet solves the problem
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