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Okay guys, noob question alert!

I know of a few locations near me that i can explore (Culverts, tunnels etc.) However the only camera in my possession at the minute is the one on my phone.

I don't want to make reports with bad quality pics so... Can anybody recommend a camera that is good for low light photography, preferably between £100-£200.

As I said, sorry for the nooby question, im just dying to get out there and explore and the only thing holding me back is the lack of a camera and tri-pod.



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I would go for a second hand SLR with a kit lens. I sold my Pentax k10 a while back for about £200. It was about 10mega pixels which is perfectly fine. Anything by Nikon etc around the same spec would do. It also means you can build up your lenses as required and you can keep lenses forever :thumb.


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If you aren't yet sure if you want to go the whole hog, maybe look at the Fuji FinePix S range of bridge cameras.

I started with one quite a while back, they take good pictures, allow you to play with all the settings, and importantly are cheap if they end up going for a dive/jump/crush.


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i loved my canon 500d, noise is not a problem till the iso gets to 3200, and that aint bad going at all


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I agree with nomisf, the fuji bridge cameras are are a great cheaper alternative to a DSLR. Go to the UK FUJI website they sell factory reconditioned cameras a lot cheaper than retail with the same 12 month guarantee, I know of 3 people including myself who have bought from there without a problem.
On the other hand i now have a Canon 1000D DSLR which i bought second hand for £150, its just a case of dropping on the right deal.


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I bought a Canon D300 SLR for £50 and its a fantastic cheap entry in to digital photography, just paid £29 for a night time photography course too so that should be good.
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Have to say, if your looking at night time / low light stuff SLR is the way to go... don't worry about the megapixel count, I sold an old Canon 10d when I upgraded a few months ago and it made £60 on eBay, solid semi pro camera 6.3mp which you can pick up a basic kit lens such as a 18-55 with image stabiliser for £60 from eBay... grab a decent tripod for another £60 and your set. Remote release cable for £5 so you don't get any shutter blur. Like most SLR's you then have full manual controls for long exposures, mirror lock up for perfect sharpness and a bulb setting for the more creative lighting stuff.

I have just picked up a wireless trigger for my 580 ex Speedlight flash for the 5D so cant wait to try some creative off camera flash stuff... thinking of having a run up to Staveley to see if any of the old works are still standing, see how it works out.

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