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Report - First Exploration to Newmiln House Hotel - Perth


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I am relatively new to the whole Urban Exploring thing but have always been interested in derelict/ abandoned buildings, so after doing some research I came across Newmiln House and decided I wanted to go explore with friends.

So we drove to Perth and found a near by village to park in and made our way down to the house. We arrived and were instantly impressed with the building, from the outside the it still looks very good shape - if it wasn't for the boarded up windows and overgrown greenery you'd still think the building was in use. My friends and I scouted around the area first and found old out buildings which we assume were used for horses when the place was running, in these buildings there was just junk lying around nothing worth noting.

Once we gained access we took it room by room, they were all empty with carpets ripped up and mould on the walls, a couple of rooms had masses of paper work lying on the floors, we think at one point the house had a lot to do with horses as there was loads of books with stud horses in them so it may have been a stud farm or they bred show jumpers etc. In a few of the bathrooms there were dead bats! We went through a door to what I'm sure everyone else will agree is the most iconic part of the house - the stair way. The stairs are just such a statement and with the 3 windows reaching almost ceiling to floor first impressions coming through the front door of the house would already be super high. The curtains that hang on the windows however are no longer up whether someone has pulled them down or they have fallen it is a shame to see as they are just lying across the stairs however the area is still amazing to look at.

At the top of the steps there was a door with a tight spiral staircase which lead to the top of the house onto a balcony which I'm sure back in the day would have been an amazing place to go up and take in some fresh air whilst staying at the house. Half way up the spiral staircase was a tiny room which I think may have been used as a drawing room as it was small, bright and out of the way but with a nice view out also.

There was a room at the top of the red stairs which had large windows with a view of the tennis court and another window with a view to the side of the house, these windows were also amazing to look at they brought so much light into the room and can only imagine how beautiful the room would have been when it was in use. Again the curtains from these windows were spread across the floor which is a shame but also kind of makes the room look cool.

There was also a bathroom in this house which had a fire place and carpet in it - we found this pretty odd!

Down stairs was pitch black due to all the windows being boarded up but we went down with torches to explore and this lead to the kitchens which had every cupboard and drawer open, there was still the huge metal fridges, cups, utensils etc. In another room there was a huge TV which stood on its own - it was almost the same height as me and I'm 5'6! In the same room there was a white chaise lounge and that for some reason was kind of spooky to see. Through a door in this room lead to the library which was empty and dark and then back out into the main corridor of the down stairs. There was also a room which was just filled with magazines such as Country Life and Horse and Country. We also found the safe in a door under the stairs and the door of the safe was so heavy.

We looked in every room of the house and then made our way out, but its such a shame to see such a beautiful house going to rot. I personally would love see it being restored if at all possible and see just how stunning the house would be!

Thanks for taking the time to read. I am new to this so if anyone has any tips/tricks they are welcome:)

Above is a link to another post if you would like to read a bit about the houses history.

Pictures below.

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That's very good for a first report - well done. Not a bad location either. Was it a recent visit?


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We went for a visit in late july. After a nice mooch around and getting my shots of the staircase Mr Plod turned up. We went out to face the music and the guy was actually brilliant with us once he knew we were there to document the place and not wreck it. He told us some fud on a social media site disclosed the address & postcode and they've been chucking undesirables out up to 6 times a day and the place is very much under scrutiny.
After chatting to him for a while he told us they were looking to steel shutter the ground floor up a couple of days late (has it been done?) to try to stop the neds trashing the place. He told us of another place to go to around 15 mins drive away if we wanted but I've forgotten the name. It's a stunning building and a shame it's getting wrecked after a numpty posted it's coordinates online. He did say they are members of many forums etc and keep an eye out.


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Thankyou for your photos! I visited last week and was greeted by 2 tall spinning CCTV cameras so was not able to get inside. Thought it was worth mentioning to save others the journey


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Yeah I was here yesterday and there are security cameras and some sort of monitors on the boarded windows so didn’t go in. There is an open window around the back where the board has been ripped off, but with the anti climb paint and the wet roof I gave it a pass. Shame look re as lily nice


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Lovely building, great report and fab pics. Thanks everyone for updated info about access.