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First jumpy experience


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Me and a friend of mine that are quite new to the urbex scene found a old abandoned house located not too far away from where we live, we scouted it out a couple of days ago to see if was accessible and it turned out it was.

We waited a little while until we both had the free time to go and explore it, the only time we both had was at night so we went for it, after working our way around the back to where the building could be accessed we stood by the entry point and both paused for a moment and then heard a slight noise, we both stopped to see if we could hear a animal or something inside, when we paused we heard what could only be explained as what sounded like a metal object being picked up and scrapped along a wall, we instantly turned around and evacuated the property. We were unable to see what made the noise and did not want to take any chances, the building was definitely abandoned and been boarded up for quite sometime. We even looked online and found a video walkthrough of the same place from a couple months back. This noise has definitely made us respect the level of care and caution you need to take while exploring as you never know what could be around the next corner. Has anyone else ever had any experiences like this?

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Yes i see i had a similar experience once inside a Masonic temple and i could noises describing just like said of metal being dragged across the floor so my mate recorded it was spooky as fuck we believed someone was in the building with us so we decided to call it a day and we quickly got outta there and as we coming out we saw a middle aged man who looked drunk i guess he went in there to trash the place even more or a homeless guy living inside there coming out behind us and he yelled at saying "oi" and we just legged it as he was yelling was a bit of a scary experience goes to show that wherever you go you are not alone and must take precautionary measures to act on what to do next

And thats my experience everyone. ;)


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Not so much a jump experience but about a decade ago there was really easy access into Cathedral Arches under Manchester

I was in solo and the voices from the street above echoed down into the tunnels and it added a strange atmosphere to walking around in the dark with my dick out


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Don’t worry, I spent half an hour hiding in a cupboard at Severalls thinking security were in the corridor next door. They weren’t, it was water loudly dripping on a metal sheet
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Pigeons have made me jump in the past. The only "unexplained" one me and a friend had was at the old Aga Foundry Coalbrookdale - with what sounded like someone dropping an 8x4 sheet of ply. Hell of a bang and echo - also in the dark.

In terms of "legging it" the only ones I've had has been if spotted. Went to try an ROC post and as walked over the brow of a hill the farmer came over the other side brow of the hill. Swift 180 and headed back towards the fence.


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Exploring an abandoned hospital in the States five or so years ago, was on the third floor out of the five that made up the building. Had just come down the stairs and heard an absolutely colossal bang from an upper floor, enough to shake the building. Went up to the floor we'd just come down from and the whole corridor was filled with a cloud of dust that had been raised, we think an open door at the top of the stairs which lead out onto the roof had been blown shut with great force by a gust of wind.

To this day it's the loudest sound I've ever heard in an abandoned building.