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Report - Firth Brown Medical Centre, Sheffield - July 2016


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First report here but working through a backlog!


Firth Brown Steels was initially formed in 1902, when Sheffield steelmakers John Brown and Company exchanged shares and came to a working agreement with neighbouring company Thomas Firth & Sons. In 1908 the two companies came together and established the Brown Firth Research Laboratories and it was here, in 1912, under the leadership of Harry Brearley they developed high chrome stainless steel. The companies continued under their own management until they formally merged in 1930 becoming Firth Brown Steels. The company was amalgamated into Sheffield Forgemasters in 1982.

The explore:

Had to come back a second time for this one as went via security and got turfed out, after dismissing what I suspected to be the correct entrance.








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28DL Full Member
Finding the cat skeleton was amusing after reading an old report saying how it stank out the entire place.
One thing I will say is don't go for the first entrance you find.. after squeezing myself in I was less than impressed to find several much easier ways!
I wasn't caught actually in the hospital but as I went around the side in attempt to access the car park.


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Poor cat! Very sad ending for the little thing! :( What on Earth is going on with that big pile of Earth coming through the door??

Well done on going back and getting it done though mate :)


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Jeez, that's a sorry state now! I really liked this place when I visited!

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