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Report - Firth Brown medical centre, Sheffield - June 2011


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I'd wanted to see the infamous 'underground medical centre' since the reports first surfaced last year, and it didn't disappoint.

History (such as it is):
Possibly dating from 1920s, this was part of a much larger complex attached to Firth Brown steel works.
As other reports have said, it looks like a wall's been built in front of it and then the whole place has been back-filled and a car park now sits on top of it. Personally I think at least part of the wall was already in place - there is at least 1 area along the wall where the stone work doesn't quite match in and looks like it's been blocked up, and corresponds to where one of the entrances to the building would have been; as well as where the wall forms an 'outcrop' in front of another old entrance (the stone work here isn't tied in and consequently is beginning to come away from the rest of the wall!)

There's got to be more to the site, as others have suggested. The switching room is only accessible due to the hole smashed through the medical centre wall so maybe it's all buried under the car park though!
A couple of dozen yards away, next to the Doncaster FVC factory, there are some steps through a stone wall which I think would have led down to the medical centre and whatever other buildings were attached to it.

Christ, I don't half waffle on sometimes...
Anyway, once inside, following on from OT and Speed's lead (http://www.28dayslater.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=54957&highlight=firth+brown+medical) I decided to have a bit of a tidy up. Also put one of the tables and the bed back together and fished some interesting bits and pieces out of the crap. It does seem like some things have gone missing though; notably the splints with company names on - which is a shame.

Well worth a look - a really cool little site which gave me an opportunity to properly try out my P7 for the first time! :thumb













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