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Report - Firth Brown Medical Centre - Sheffield March 2013


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Firth Brown Medical Centre​

Visited this place with Scottnicklin on a little road trip around our area, this was the second on my list for Sheffield for the day. It was supposed to be a joint visit but ended up going in solo. Bumped into a couple of explores in their sorry for scaring you :thumb also this was my first outing with the lenser p7 which again I'm getting use to using with both my camera


Some may have already seen this small place but for people that know there isn't much known about it. The building was to be part of a larger complex of buildings all owned by the Firth Brown Steel Works. The building is shown on historical maps from at the 1950's. The medical centre seems to have been built around by the erection of a tall stone wall and the backfilled. Sticking a car park on the top of it effectively making it underground.​

1. Classic Bed Shot​

2. 1940 Newspaper​

3. Table Room​

4. Medical Equipment​

5. Medical Scissors

6. Door to the Current World​

7. Consulting Room​

Enjoy and please feel free to comment​

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