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Report - Firth Vickers Medical Centre, Sheffield - December 2014

The Amateur Wanderer

28DL Regular User
Regular User
Firth Vickers Medical Centre - Sheffield - December 2014

Evening all,

Visited this one once again with Borolad, after hitting many other derps in the local area. Access was errrm, fun to say the least, as I'm sure previous explorers will know... Anyway it turned out to be well worth the effort for me personally as expectedfrom things seen in previous reports, the site didn't fail to disappoint! I can't say it'll be up everyone's street but being a bit of a WW2, Cold War nutcase some of the items and the general feel to the place was well up my street! Looks like someone has been in too, a few items where vandalized but nothing to major fortunately...

Anyway a quick bit of History from Wikipedia:

Firth Brown Steels was initially formed in 1902, when Sheffield steelmakers John Brown & Company exchanged shares and came to a working agreement with neighbouring company Thomas Firth & Sons. In 1908 the two companies came together and established the Brown Firth Research Laboratories and it was here, in 1912, under the leadership of Harry Brearley they developed high chrome stainless steel. The companies continued under their own management until they formally merged in 1930 becoming Firth Brown Steels. The company is now part of Sheffield Forgemasters.
And now, it's photo time! :)




Dated 23rd of April 1940... Hard to think this was printed during the Battle of Britain... It was a Tuesday...




Probably my fav image of this explore, taken on my Sigma 17 - 35 lens, spotted by Borolad for a 100 quid in CEX, can't thank you enough for that find fella :thumb


Also, found this, I hadn't seen your report before the explore, but saw your note, banging report mate really enjoyed looking through your pics! :)


So that's all folks, glad you enjoyed the pics as much as I enjoyed taking them! Such an awesome little place this one :)


28DL Regular User
Regular User
Re: Firth Vickers Medical Centre - Sheffield - December 2014

Haha love AR's little note. Cheers for posting your pics mate, it looks great in there. The few little relics left look interesting. Nicely decayed too. :) Cheers for sharing. :thumb


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Re: Firth Vickers Medical Centre - Sheffield - December 2014

Nicely done mate :thumb

That poor bed :( it was fine when my arse was sat on it :)

It's looking well trashed now bless her. But it's had a lot of traffic recently since access details were stuck online :(

That note was from the midnight flash test a few weeks after my shoulder op ......bad move coming here lol

Cheers for the comments

Ps were you surprised how dark it was inside ?

The Amateur Wanderer

28DL Regular User
Regular User
Re: Firth Vickers Medical Centre - Sheffield - December 2014

Cheers Guys!

Shame about the bed, someone has trashed the table too which had the newspaper etc on, hence why I rearranged them for a little shoot in the cupboard... :(

Surprised about the access details been posted up online too, that's annoying... I got my info off another explorer I know, posting it online is just tempting fate with all the vandals, pikeys etc... Not sure about lighting either we was in there at night :)

Just glad the place is still in relatively ok condition, hopefully she won't deteriorate too much more :(


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Re: Firth Vickers Medical Centre - Sheffield - December 2014

That note made me laugh,nice touch mate.


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Re: Firth Vickers Medical Centre - Sheffield - December 2014

The holes in the concrete roof have been opened up and loads of waste from the old factory dumped into the centre, along with all the used/out of date fire extinguishers (in addition to those already inside previously)

The stud walls have been trashed in the back rooms and attempted fires in quite a few places actually. Along with the bits & bobs in the kitchen area that were positioned for the masses.

Someone posted a Google street view link up :wanker and the mystery was gone, hence the influx of undesirables trashing it since and the Facebook squad of course :(

The Amateur Wanderer

28DL Regular User
Regular User
Some good shots there, I love the posters.

If you can message me details on how best to get in, i'd appreciate it

Read the FAQ"s you were asked to read when you joined, and remember this is an open Forum, anyone can see these posts :eek:
Oh dear!

You're going to have to hit a few derps before we start sharing info like that! :/

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