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Report - Fisher Raworth & Co Ltd, Bolton 10 July 15


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Not a lot of history can be found on this place so apologise in advance for lack of information. Visited here today with @Myths, haven't been out for a while due to finishing a uni course and trying to put bread on the table lol. I seem to be going through a tough patch at catching interesting shots hopefully this will ease up soon. Quite a few interesting things in this place including old invoices etc was a nice little mooch and only 1 pidgeon (hate those things) but anyways heres the pics from the visit.

Clare Fisher Hardware.jpg

Clare Fisher Hardware-2-400.jpg

Clare Fisher Hardware-3-400.jpg

Clare Fisher Hardware-4-400.jpg

Clare Fisher Hardware-5-400.jpg

Clare Fisher Hardware-6-400.jpg

Clare Fisher Hardware-7-400.jpg

Clare Fisher Hardware-8-400.jpg

Clare Fisher Hardware-9-400.jpg

Clare Fisher Hardware-10-400.jpg

Clare Fisher Hardware-11-400.jpg

Thanks for looking :thumb
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