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Report - Fleggburgh Post - Norfolk Group 11/10/20


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This certain Roc has been on my mind for a long time since I went camping in Norfolk and learnt about this post. Reading up on it I find that it shut down in 1991. A standard post and this is a master post too. It has no pictures on subbrit of the inside and mentions that it is locked and has stayed locked as far as 2016, on the original T-bar lock and original external locking bar. Well upon finding it, the bar had been cut off but it was still locked on the bar with evidence of heavy prying.

I had a plan however, with assistance (don't go exploring alone ) a long steel bar would be passed through the gap made by the bent hatch and carefully placed on the lock, a good amount of hits later and wd40, (this being two weekends) we finally got the t bar free of the locking tab. She was open...

The hatch had to be levered due to 30 years of rust but we got in. The first people since 1991. Sadly no bomb power indicator or any equipment really. Seems to have been stripped of that after shutdown. Thats not the bad bit. 30 years of condensation had caused a few inches of flooding but mainly everything wood or paper was destroyed. Door frames were soft and squidgy. Tables and cupboards had collapsed under there own weight.








Very depressing site. If it wasn't for the damp, it may have been one of the best preserved post in England. Here's some grainy interior pics

Out of the rotten cupboards and table we managed to save a good amount of dated wd cutlery, cups, teapots, pans, plates and unopened Tommy cooker fuel. The two gems were a pair Observer Corps headsets.
Couldn't save the chairs as the underside was completely rotted and wouldn't be original enough after restoring. Anyway a rather odd post that I would have loved to see without water damage but can't have everything... This is my second report you the way. Not too good with pic layout. Cheerio!


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Photos a bit blurry but other than that you done really well :thumb

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Sounds interesting though, one to get to with a decent camera. shame the water cant be pumped out really.

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