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Report - Fletchers Mill, Oldham - March 2012... FAILED..


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Hi All,

Visited with AsylumRaider in March 2012.

Not going to post the history as its been done many times before.. Here, Here and Here..

An extremely fun day, dispite coming across the security and police.

AsylumRaider is going to add her photographs later on, but in the mean time wouldnt be surprised if this ended up in the Bin. :(

A group of us decided to do a weekend eplore and decided upon Fletchers Mill in Greenfield, Oldham.
Sadly on the day 2 of the group had to pull out leaving myself and AR for the trip across from Bradford.

We had decided upon the hottest day of the year and the entire of Greenfield
was heaving with visitors trying to soak up the sun in the lovely Dove Valley.

After a quick walk down from our parking spot we walked around the site and spotted the entry point from the road at the top of the valley,
walking down we where spotted by people sunbathing in their garden...

We thought nothing of this and hopped over the fence and climbed into the building.
and pretty much 2 minutes into the building we heard the security gaurd outside where we had just climbed in on his phone to someone.

we kept on with the explore and managed to do a quick walk around...
However while I was mid photographers pose on the floor
AR quickly pointed out a pair of policemen walking to the security gaurd. :banghead :bananapopcorn

after waiting around 10minutes we heard the security gaurd moving planks of wood across where we had just entered,
so quickly decided to hand ourselves in...
much rather leave the site than be locked in.. :eek::

Strangely the security guard was more shocked than we where and was really apologetic. :crazy after a chat with him and the police we quickly left.










We then headed for a nice pint at the Horse and Jockey


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