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Report - Fletcher's Paper Mill, Greenfield, June 2013


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Visited Zotez on an otherwise not-so-successful Northern trip. Many, many thanks to both BadBatz, CloakedUp and CameraShy for their assistance and advice.

So this was the first site we'd chosen to pay a visit to on a little expedition back up North. Despite a series of setbacks and not seeing everything that we could've seen, and it being a somewhat tense explore I'm definitely keen to have another look at this place and finish it off. It took a while to find access, even though we'd already been given the details; To start things off we managed to get in some sort of tower (not entirely sure how to describe it) but find the door that leads into the complex nailed shut. Back out, over the fence and security sees us loitering on patrol. Quite why he never bothered to question what we're doing given our gear and clothing on us is beyond me, but we retreat and hold back. To be absolutely fair, security might not seem bothered unless they catch you on their side of the fence but they've done a damn good job of securing any access points. We found a bit at the back, where a gap was left in a boarded part, alas this was not to be; it would have led us in, but the sheer drop inside ruled this out. Round the side we try the windows, which are tied shut. So we call CloakedUp.

Nonetheless, we were in.

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Though the reasons behind the closure are somewhat sad, it's provided explorers with a total timewarp that thankfully hasn't been badly plundered by the usual unsavoury types. Very rare you find any explores like this in the UK now, to be honest. At the same time, however, security are not stupid and have put in some clever measures ready to snare any unexpecting and naive intruders. As we progressed, we were constantly on our guard as security had put peepholes around the buildings, not to mention being able to hear any suspicious noises from inside. At this point, unless it was the wind we were sure security started banging on the shutters outside, deliberately to make us make a run for it and in turn, catch us out. Suffice to say, however they were unsuccessful. On the other hand, I was sure that if they needed to they'd happily go inside the buildings so we really had to be careful.














Sad to say, we saw far from everything. We did see a door that had been busted open that may have led into other parts of the complex, however this was in the area where we'd heard shutters banging so suspected it was a trap that would've led outside and straight into security.

On a final note, despite not seeing everything and the string of fails that was to be, did it really matter? No. We had a great time being up North, and the trip to Pripyat that followed the week after was better than we could ever have asked for!

Love as always,