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Report - Fletcher's paper mill, September 2007

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Visited with Geordie, who takes credit for doing the necessary research into the explore, including contacting the forum members who originally explored this site. This was our second visit.

The Mill is in a scenic countryside loaction, and it seems to blend into the surrounds nicely;


Using the access we did, the first thing we became aware of was the sound of water. Not just a drip, but the sound of water under pressure, escaping. We followed the sound until we reached a damaged pipe with a pinhole allowing water to escape in a fine mist. ROund the corner from the pipe came our first realisation that certain elements of the site we still electrically live. We found some electronic indicators displaying values.

On our last visit, we had a good look at the chemical process part of the plant and, the purpose of this visit was to try and see some of the parts of the plant we missed last time, but I didn't take many pictures of the extra locations we found so I will start with some of the areas we saw first time in.

Chemical shed. It seems that here chlorine was added into the mixture, and many safety precautions are evident.





This was the top floor and we headed down from here, and past these vessels;



Which looked like they we used to mix the various ingredients of the paper, and when ready the contents were tipped and transported to the next section of the plant;


And from here into machinery which looked like it delivered the cigarette papers which were then formed onto huge rolls, packed and despatched.




Everything in this room is spattered in white, you can imagine the speed of the factory and pulp getting thrown about everywhere. We then followed the line and into the packing plant;



Attached to one of the machines was a notice regarding a serious complaint from Imperial Tobacco Limited, the mill's biggest customer.

Just the other side of the rolling and packing plant is a much more modern looking array of equipment, which probably didn't see a lot of service before closedown. One area of the factory has unfinished construction work, tanks etc. Honeywell Measurex equipment was used inside this factory, and the control room, technician's rooms and signs warning of radiation hazards are all still present and in good condition.
The medical rooms are in good condition, many doors in the office area are still looked.
We carried on out of the plant and towards a large store shed with an overhead cab driven crane where large machinery was stored. From here there is an entrance to a large house, and round the back a lake.

It does seem a mysterious site. No warnings of problems except the complaint from ITL, lights flickering, chlorine and x ray alarms giving out warnings, a perfectly intact factory that has stood motionless for 6 years.

Hardly any normal factory closing down procedures have been followed. These cylinders would have been on rental from one of the gas companies. Some still have caps on meaning they are unused. Who is paying the rental bill?


Idle machinery