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Flicks - Brechin|Angus|Scotland.


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Flicks Nightclub/Arena Club/Kings Cinema.

It's based at the bottom of the High Street in Brechin, Angus.

It opened as Kings Cinema in October 1927 seating approximately 800 people. It eventually closed in October 1985. Soon to be turned into a nightclub. I can't find for sure what date it closed, but I have read it multiple places before.

It's in my home town and I've always been fascinated by it. Don't know why but no one I know of in the town even remotely attempted to venture in.

Can't find anything about it on this site either but just wondered if it rang any bells with anyone else in regards to whether they have read it elsewhere?

I'm led to believe that the owner stays in Ireland, either way he doesn't stay in the town and the police presence in Brechin is pretty minor, given it isn't a Friday night.

I'm planning a visit there soon hence my fishing for information.


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I've attempted it several times when I lived in Brechin few years back. Used to be metal shuttered, no possible way in last time I looked about a year ago.


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I did venture in about a year ago. [access details removed]. Inside a lot of the old remnants remain, however the dance floor and stage has been stripped away. The bar is still there and the where the cinema rooms upstairs. Worth a look and getting some photos.