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Report - Flo Selecta (Markeaton), Jan 2018


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Flo Selecta also known as the northern relief culvert begins at Markeaton Park, where two in falls to two part brick part concrete from each small brook converging into a larger pipe from a split. It then continues on with a few brick chambers and small turns for about 2.2km.


Thank you @UrbanCaving for the explore and i enjoyed it!!

^^The main infall

^^The main infall, looking down from the top of the stairway and grate

^^The split each leading to an infall

^^The second infall

Unfortunately, we couldn't go down to the outfall as the water levels were slightly too high for my wellies. Usually that does not stop me, but i thought i needed one drain explore where i came out relatively dry for once.

I hope you enjoyed.

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