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Report - Flood brook Culvert(Runcorn, Cheshire)


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So this is my first report on the site... please be kind
The inspiration from this adventure came from a few posts I seen on this site from years back.
So I'm sat at home scrolling through anything I can find in my local area and bingo! Flood brook culvert, very local, a small explore, ideal for a quick walk and a couple of hours in the afternoon, I read in previous reports to put on some wellies and come prepared, being the novice I am I ignored this and stuck on a pair of old comfy trainers which now smell like absolute cow shit!
I set off on my adventure with the location of the brook open on maps on my phone and upon arriving decided to take an absolute ballache of a route down one of the very steep banks into the north end of the brook. After a fair walk, a lot of swearing, a lot of falling over,climbing obstacles in my way and very soggy feet I finally found what I came in search of... Flood brook culvert!
Now I know there isn't much to this but I have lived in the area for over 25 years and didn't have a clue this was here, the excitement for me took me back years, that rush of adrenaline, a sense of static excitement in the air!
I headed through the first section of culvert which opened out into a large impressive arch and to be honest not much has changed since the previous postings on here, I exited the arch and found another small drainage tunnel which i didn't explore fully due to the depth of water and my inadequate footwear. Anyway guys here's the photos, iv been out today to the old Delamere Forest school so should have a report up on that soon too, hope you all enjoy!


The bottomless brook, was an absolute nightmare getting down here.

The Entrance to the culvert.

Just had to get a picture of myself framed by the vast arch.

Looking back out the way i just entered.

Looking out from the culvert towards the smaller drain that leads towards the M56.

And behind me the Killer Zombie Clown and smaller Arch.

The entrance point of the larger Arch.

And finally the smaller drain which i didnt get all the way down, i will be back though, to be continued...
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Beautiful photos, looks very green round there. There were a couple of guys who ran a UE website who were from warrington, think they may have explored this one also.