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28DL Full Member
Hi all, not too sure if this is the correct place to put this so do please flag me up if its wrong and I can change it:D

I've always had an interest in follies and similar long before getting into exploring abandoned places. Since lockdown I have been doing some research into these as I have a few near me on public footpaths that I can get away with as part of daily exercise. (Frown away if you must idk what everyone's stand point on this is)

I'm sure most people on this site who are well more versed in exploring than myself will be aware of this website but out of kindness and appreciation for how much its helped me, I thought I would share!!

For some of us who want to go out and see something on a walk and who can do so safely without *officially* urbexing, this may be a good option to go and see something interesting and aesthetically pleasing.

The website provides a map which is super handy and also shows the people running it have a genuine care and interest in the preservation of these sites (which is always very refreshing to see!!)

Anyway, I hope this helps some people out and apologies if 1. Everyone knows about it and 2. If I'm posting in the wrong place. 3. If its frowned upon to encourage this.

Link is below: