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Offered - For sale and wanted ads - please read before posting.

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This section is primarily intended for exploring related stuff only.

You may see stuff that doesn't look that way, but that is normally with permission.

So, bearing the above in mind - if you are not sure if it is acceptable to post - contact a Mod/admin first - it's only polite.

Your advert here is free - so in return, we would like to see a bit of preferential treatment for your fellow 28DL users - so don't just stick your stuff on ebay and post a link on here, consider offering it here first, or perhaps post your ebay link here, but offer free postage for 28DL members - that sort of thing.

Please do not join up and make your first post a 'for sale' - these invariably get deleted, and even if they were not - people are not likely to trust a total n00b with their cash.

Remember, you use all of 28DL for free - but it costs quite a lot to run, so if you get a good sale on here, why not hit the old 'Donate' link at the top, and perhaps send a quid or two of your profit towards our running costs?

If you offer something for sale here, then do us a favour and, once it is sold - click on the 'report post' button (looks like this) and let us know the thread can be deleted. In most cases its obvious that the item has gone - but not always - we have lots of threads that finish with 'PM sent' or similar - and so we can't tell the outcome.

The more dead threads we can delete, the easier it is for us all to browse this section.
Not open for further replies.

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