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Report - Ford Car Factory, Genk, Belgium, Jan 15 - Mar 17

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The Ford factory in Genk, Belgium was built in 1962 and back in those days, built the Ford Taunus. More recently, they built the Galaxy, Mondeo and S-Max. It was the largest employer in Limburg Province with 4210 employees. The last car left the factory on December 18th 2014 and production moved to Valencia. Demolition is currently underway.

The explores spanned from January 2015 to March 2017, eventually covering most of the 140 acre site. Initially the site was easy to access, but about 100 employees remained to look after the site and dismantle the equipment, so the staff had to be avoided. One such avoidance meant a one and a half hour stint in a cupboard, keeping totally silent and still. Initially our visits were tentative - only venturing in a little further each time. After a while, they got wise to people accessing the buildings and upped security by cutting off ladders, installing wireless PIRs and alarms and siting giant freestanding cameras with bright green lights in the press hall. We still got in though and it was worth the tenacity as it was the best car factory I've seen.

Explored with Immortal Owl

Storage area:

Press hall:

With added evil green lights/cameras:

Huge car stacking machine:


Cooking things:


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That’s pretty awesome :thumb


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Jeez those are some dated robots!

Amazing those panels haven't gone rusty since it closed. An Austin Princess would be rusted through in a similar frame of time, even with a coat of paint!


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Very nice! I used to work at this plant, I made two urban visits after closure.
Will post the pics soon, if you got more pics please post them.
A lot of co workers want to see what happened after closure.