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Report - Ford Dagenham Stamping And Tooling Plant - November 2014


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Here we go again! So last week i had a go at you lot for missing somewhere. This time im simply going to beg. Il get down on my metaphorical knees and beg people to just go exploring! This plant is so iconic. Such a massive place in the history of the area and in the history of UK vehicle production i general. Over a year ago i posted a thread in the leads section with details of the closure of this plant and the Transit plant at Southampton hoping people would go and explore them, neither got explored. The Transit plant we did last week and although we were probably late for that it didn't really seem to have mattered too much, there was still plenty to see and the place still felt like a car plant that closed a few weeks ago. Here things were different. The place is largely now empty. Shop floors are sparse, offices almost empty. Of the main feature of the plant, the massive pressing lines, only two remain intact out of 30 or more. If it had been left another month id say it would have been as good as missed. Now i know people have gone and looked at this and maybe given it a miss as it looked 'quite well secure' or 'quite live' or whatever, that's fair enough we all have those days but compared to how many explorers are out there the one group i know if isn't a very big percentage. My impression of the place was nothing less than epic and not really much else than WIDE open either. Poor CCTV, Poor IR beams, No obvious security, Open doors ,Open Windows and a ropey fence down a quiet street. Couldn't have been much easier. Last week a few people were having a go at me for being elitist. Im making quite sure here im not!.. anyone could have done this explore!

Anyway chew on that. I had a great evening on my own mooching about here, the basement under the southern press shop was mega, so dated and not something i had ever seen before in a press shop. They normally just build them in pits. Theres parts of the plant i checked at the northern end that appear to have laid derelict for years but i will need a daylight trip to photograph these. Theres also offices and must be more remains of the tooling side of the site even if we are too late to see epic untouched tool rooms. Will be back again asap but for now go and see the presses before they are gone.





















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Big win mate. Cant wait to get down here and see it


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You know what, now ive looked on the map i realise quite how big and quite how much i missed, Must have only seen a quarter!


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You know what, now ive looked on the map i realise quite how big and quite how much i missed, Must have only seen a quarter!
I did say the other day, how i krpt meaning to check on this and i live a lot more local than you do so fair play, was gonna check it in the week after the southampton thing.

I got lazy and i tip my hat to you, good fucking work, i will try and get over there still in the next week, like i lriginally planned too.

If we dont hit places in our own cities someone else will, let that be a warning to you all, a warning that i remember the SNC sharing with the north east a while back.


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Yep, this whole site is huge. I remember the lead going up & quite randomly I was on site with work a week later for some meetings. Wasn't a hope I could touch this place after that. Glad someone finally chanced this place as it really is a gold mine for industrial epicness. Good work as usual Speed, keep it up :thumb

NB. Rather magically, there's one of these places getting ready to close very near where I'm based. I won't be avoiding that one ;)


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Cracking stuff there speedio, really impressive looking site. :thumb


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That looks very good. If people wanna go, people will go. Obviously some people are into this hobby more then others which is fine. Some people just wanna visit that site they saw the photos of, other people like the research side and the risk of getting caught. But banging on about how people dont explore and how you beg them too just makes your head look inflated instead of a sorted guy whos just an awesome explorer.


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I don't really care what other people think of me, i just want to see this stuff before its too late. Nearly missed this, certainly missed it at its best. Its clear im flogging a dead horse tho, exploring is dead!