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Report - Ford Foundry, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire Jan 2011


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Visited with Mookie, Landie, Treads and my Uni friend Emma. Huge thanks to Treads for providing transport.

Right I don't know much about the history, and you'll probably find it on another report so I'll go straight to the visit. We started off with Binswood which was sadly a self/group-induced fail. We walked round the block (public) to find most of the place boarded on first and second floor though I DID find a weak spot where this was NOT the case! Basically we recced the front to find about 6 or so external PIRs on the building with 2 CCTV cameras (about 4 in total around entire site) which appeared to be capped (if you look closely). We walked straight past all of them without a single problem, got to the end and found that there's no way round the back without going through the next door nursery or secondary school (the kids were in the playground so it's a no brainer). Went round the back with Landie, over a fence and we hear an alarm go off. Jump back over thinking I've set a PIR off (we were right by one with a camera next to it) we got back over and walked back and it shut off within seconds. It was only later that I realized that it was DEFO a car alarm. CRAP! If it wasn't for Mookie's constant pessimism I would've given this a 2nd chance but it wasn't to be. Fear not, if I can convince him then I'll give it another go when we return to the factory.

As for the factory itself, we recced it in the car, looked like it had a fairly secure perimeter but wide open inside and with no security present. It didn't take long at all to find a hidden yet really easy access point and we were in. Very stripped but with some fantastic features left, a superb, creepy atmosphere and all natural damage. No chav damage surprisingly, but plenty of pikey and nature's favourite vandal damage. A missed opportunity in one way but a fantastic advantage in another.













Thanks for looking.


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