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Report - Forest Mills, Nottingham May 2010


I should have danced all night
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This is forest mills! It contains no forests or any hint that Robin Hood ever used it as some kind of hide-out. It's had so many different uses over the years but of course its best function was being home to some rather spangley 90s outfits. The place is full of neon, fake sheepskin and denim....all in one tasteful ensemble! :eek:

There's tons of other stuff inside like screenprinting blocks, big pots of ink that make your shoes pink. We sunbathed on the roof for a bit, avoiding the holes of course. We spotted one way up to the tower but it was so hot and we were all feeling a bit meh so it went unpoked.

Here's the photos:)
























Conquistador d'Wolverton
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Great work, this takes me back :( I used to live round the corner from here, and been there many many times and remember well the day I first discovered it :).

However you've found a room I've not seen before:


I know exactly where it is, just didn't know it was open... congrats!


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