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Report - Forest Mills, Nottingham Various Visits 09


1 of them cnuts off 28dsl
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first of all big thanks to layz for showing me this place
just found out called forest mills if a mod can change title thanks in advance

been here a few times and every time i see things different this really is a huge site
with various things in the building from a car workshop to a prostitutes rest area to a sound studio and even a few rooms full of kitchens and even arcade machines :lol:
also was told by layz that there was a baths on the site and today finally got a quick look inside but not alot to see as the pool has been filled in and its now used as storage

im going to try and do some digging see if i can get any history on this site so bear with me

went here with layz djfresh and his cool mates nathan and screwed if i can remember the other chaps name sorry mate

prostitutes rest area with gym