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Lead or Rumour info - Forest Mills, Nottingham


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Hi everybody. Recently, I did a quick reccie around the perimeter of Forest Mills in Nottingham, and there is demolition work going on. The bad news is that Radford Baths have been demolished (despite them being listed if I recall correctly :mad: )

I think now would be a good time to have a sneak around what's left of the site ;)


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Everthing is gone except for the large office block, the building to the right of it if you are stoof facing the office block on Alfreton Road. There is a part at the back of the site where the car garage was but thats coming down. Not much left now :(


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28DL Full Member
Not much has changed lately, managed to get there friday before christmas on a site visit for work around the corner, The tower is still there with the smaller victorian building attached to it where the chimney is as are the former Wheelbase buildings and the 60's/70's building attached to that. No sign of the old truck though...