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Forever Jim (Solomon Movie 2)


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Forever Jim​

after having huge trouble getting this online because of copyright issue's iv finally managed to get to show everyone..

Huge thanks to Kaffa for making this happen, i can't thank you enought

Jim Lives On was made from his exploring side...


Forever Jim is made from his life and what people wanted to say about him

Took me a month to make this and i hope you all enjoy it..

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I'm lost for words Steve, It couldn't have been easy putting all that together

I'm sure Jim will always be remembered and these videos a reminder of his times

Give my personal regards to your parents would ya



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Great stuff, Watching his big grin when he linked hands on the free fall at about 1:48 made me smile, the true grin of a man who loves what he's doing.

RIP to your brother mate, I didn't know him, but like many, I wish I had


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28DL Full Member
I never knew Solomon but i wish i had, he seem's like a trully funny guy.

I really hate the fact that all the good guys get taken far to early and all the idiots get to clutter up the earth.

I know you guys dont know me from jack but all the best to the family. Thanks for the great video.

I hope there are plenty of places for him to explore in the afterlife. R.I.P


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28DL Full Member
words are unnecessary for this. Great tribute Horus.

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28DL Full Member
what a beautiful tribute and what an amazing man i would of loved to of known him...but one thing is for sure...the will never be a dull moment with him around on his journey ahead...
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