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Report - Forgotten Culverts –Seaham co Durham 2011-02


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Well it started less than a week back, Forsaken pointed out this "Forgotton Culvert" old report by xm657, both me and Goan had previously noted one of the outfalls on the system, it was on our list but the new found motivation of a glimpse of what was inside we got things moving and before long Forsaken, Goan, Horus and myself were heading up the A19 with a boot full of waders.

From the outfall we had seen and looking at maps had showed that there were more parts to this culvert than previously reported. We started with a slippy climb down to the last outfall on the system, concrete box section we weren’t expecting much but I insisted we did this part as there was potential for a big shaft given its depth, and if nothing else when we got onto the good stuff we would appreciate it more. Well as it went there were no giant shafts, at all, however it didn’t disappoint although it wasn’t long it was a nice length still and soon enough it opened up from concrete to old large diameter brick with a stone floor. The flow was very fast, it wasn’t that there was a practically large amount of water just its a lot steeper than normal drains, this was true for all the culverted sections on this stream. One of the problems with high speed water and drains over 150 years old is the amount of wear on the floor, it made walking slightly tricky, especially when the odd stone had inevitably been washed away. We didn’t take any pictures of this lower section of the Forgotten Culverts.

Next was the middle section as it were, again there were no pictures of this on the previous report so it was all new to us. We dropped into the stream not far from its outfall, as we headed to the outfall it got deeper, and deeper, then deeper with the footing sloping into the middle, oops, I was leading the way and was literally out of my depth, trying to save my camera with one hand and using my torch like an climbing axe on the muddy banks with the other. Something had to give, my camera made it safe but my waders took in water so I explored the rest of the night with cold feet. We made a more sensible route to the outfall. Again I wasn’t expecting much but we were quickly greeted with large diameter stone with more worn stone floor (there may have been a brick roofed section first I cant remember now).

Then round the corner and a nice slope. Heres a picture of it looking downstream (we took all the photos on our way back).

Round another corner and the drain turned into a wide low slot this was yet another slopey bit it looked too steep and low to be climbing up but on sending Goan up it was clear it wasn’t that steep, it wasn’t slippy and there was more headroom than we first thought as it opened up inbetween the horizontal support beams, so it was onward and upwards, again photo is taken on the way down (which didn’t look as bad):

once out in the open again we were greeted with a nice waterfall, this ended the slopey section of the Forgotten Culverts.

We headed up stream to the ‘original’ section of the Forgotten Culvert (as in the originally reported on section). We were greeted with the familiar looking part overgrown outfall

on we headed into the lovely mummy shaped stone passageway

after a while it was back to concrete as we hit the newer section

then eventually coming to the infall where it was clear from the graffiti many have been before.
7: (taken with one of them add on fishy things)

All in all a good night, even if I did get wet.


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