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Report - Forgotton Culvert Co Durham - 26/4/09


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Its been ages since I've done any draining, so imagine my delight at discovering this lovely little culvert is an over grown valley.

I'm pretty sure its in a valley back filled to save the cost of building a bridge for the mineral railway lines that used to criss cross this part of the Durham coalfield. Three collieries used to be nearby and a harbour for exporting coal. The abundance of spoil from the collierys was no doubt used to backfill the valley and this tunnel allows the beck to flow through. The main railway line from Middlesborough to Sunderland still passes over the culvert maybe 100 feet above.

It hadn't rained for weeks allowing me to walk through in wellies, its probably half a mile in length.

The portal entrance




At about the 2 thirds point the culvert appears to have been repaired or extended at a much later time. The victorian stonework is replaced with rather boring concrete.


Heading back

Another nice find were two or three coal truck wheels and axels lieing about near the entrance. Judging by how far one of them had sunk into the ground I presume they have been there a very long time.


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