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Report - Former Bristol Magistrates Court, Bristol - September 2013


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I have visited this place a few times in the past but never took enough photos to warrant a report. Back when apart from bit of graffiti around the place, it was hardly touched. Unfortunately now, demolition has begun to convert it into student flats. A proposal beforehand to turn it into a hotel was shelved. I believe the these courts closed in 2006/2007.

I always remember in the basement there was a section further down that was inaccessible due to it being completely flooded. It seems they have started the process of draining this (probably around 8 foot deep in total I reckon). To get to it quicker they knocked a hole through a wall which we were very please to find. There was lots of asbestos and sharp cut up metal sections but this not deter us when we could see a doorway on the other side of the room which was deep in water, metal sheeting and asbestos piping. We were glad to make it to the other side. Quite interesting in there, especially considering it's probably not been accessed for a few years.

History. Shamelessly stolen:
The existing courthouse in Nelson Street was designed in the 1960's, but due to delays in construction, was not opened until the early 1970's. It was originally built with eight courtrooms with an additional court for youth/family work in nearby Bridewell Street housed below the Central Probation Offices. These soon proved inadequate for the increased workload and an additional courtroom was added in the main building by converting a meeting room together with an additional courtroom being added in the Youth Court by converting some waiting rooms. However, there were still constraints in adequately dealing with the increased workload because of the lack of secure custody courts.
Due to the design of the building, it was not possible to increase the number of courts with direct access to the custody area or to comply with modern standards such as disabled access, seperate entrances etc and, therefore, a need was identified for a modern purpose built building to serve the population of the City of Bristol in the 21st Century.
How some of the courts used to look like:

Down in the previously inaccessible basement area:

Across to the other side:






And a room with a stack of old books:


One from the roof:

Thanks for looking. May get some more photos of the inside of it as it stands now. But it's a little upsetting.​