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Report - Former Bunting and Sons Greenhouses - Colchester, Feb 2017


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I have sat on this place for years but after looking through some pictures i finally decided it might be worth a write up. The site in itself is not hugely exciting but it has a few little features worth taking a look at and its something out of the ordinary.

The History

The History on this site is fairly interesting once you really start digging, However to save your patience i will try and keep it bearable

The site was owned by Bunting and Son's, and was erected in the late 60's for tomato growing. Their pioneering research into pest control for tomato plants was market leading and the business was greatly successful. In 1991 they received the queens award for export achievement and was sold to Swiss multinational Ciba-Geigy the following year. However, in the late 90's importing become a much more viable option for many companies, and a lot of local growers fell out of favour. After production ceased in late 2000 the family used their wealth to buy all manner of local business's including the Anchor Pub down the road in Nayland and the local vineyard in boxted.

A few years passed with nothing happening at the former site. Their new business venture was carefully drawn up. What happened next was the interesting part. Their plan was to turn the former site into a heritage centre named horkesley park. Complete with cafe's, shire horse centre and all kinds of shops selling quilted gillet's and fake wooden walking sticks. Now as a local i remember this well, if Google earth satellites had photographed the area between 2003-2009, im convinced it would just be a see of green and orange "SAY NO" posters. The Backlash was huge, the proposal meant more traffic along the already congested A134 and the worry that it would take more traffic through Little Horkesley and West bergholt into Colchester. The buisness plan was also scrutinized for over inflating figures of customer spending, footfall etc.

The final nail in the coffin.
The lengthy battle they undertook to get permission for their plan was turned down year after year and eventually bleed them dry. Bank Loans reportedly worth 14.5 Million, All assets sold off including the green house site and local vineyard, they went under. My favorite snippet however is the reported £3000+ they owed the local shop. How you can spend that kind of money on multi pack tins of beans and out of date cat food is beyond me.

Whats happening now.

The site has been bought by pigeon investment management, but due to the extremely high cost of dismantling the now crumbling green houses, little progress has ever been made. For those that are not aware of such companies, they basically buy and sit on the land until builders are ready to move in. In this case Mersea Homes, who are currently pulling severalls to bits.















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Note to self, complete all exploring trips before leaving cocky comments on reports...