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Report - Former Camelot theme park -August 2018


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28DL Member
Just for info - mate of mine has been delivering demolition equipment to Camelot site today.

He got a couple of pics, but security wouldn't let him take any more once they realised!


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Abandoned theme parks are soooooooo eerie! Brill pics, thanks.
It's not its full of foreign security guards that don't know the laws.
Every abandoned building security should have atleast abit of elwyn, atleast he was a character


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28DL Full Member
I noticed that they had a Hotel on the map. Is this still there or has it been demoed? Needs a good buyer to buy this plot regenerated into a small Disney land keep up with Blackpool and they can have some competition.

Elwyn at the end lost the plot he needed a bed in Denbigh mental. Another year and he would of killed someone for sure.


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28DL Full Member
Probably miles behind but.... what actually happened to/with Elwyn in the end then?